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Valley Portable Toilets
Design is based on the slogan that Marketing AV implemented. We keep it clean. While talking with Scott, he pride himself that clean was what set his business apart. From there the slogan and the design followed a natural path.
Employment Opportunities in Digby
Their motto is: Helping people to step-up, meet and overcome obstructions, support their growth.
TCB Safety LTD out of Alberta
The Oilfields, the hecticness and servicing safety in a combusted industry is what they were looking for in a logo.
First Feather Skills Development
For a company that works up north in native communities, teaching basic skills in plumbing and carpentry, while respecting their background.
Royal Eatery
A chef from Scottish decent required a logo for the restaurant representing his modern clean style and his heritage, with elegance and class.
Heritage Wolfville
A logo that capture the development and connects with today.
Hilcreek  Naturally good oils
The pit with seeds in combination with the clean font creates a balanced logo, recognizable from far, and looks good on the bottles.
Evergreen Theatre
The controversy in the design and the balance between the old church and the new lobby were inspirational for the logo design.
Family Natural Foods
Family, food and the natural life cycle are centre stage in this design proposal.
Acart Logo
ACART, an elegant, simple in its line and easy to understand logo for the association of foot reflexology therapists.
Middle Town Bakery
Logo proposal for a new bakery in Middleton. Based on the preferred colour and a style out of the 60'ies.
Saltzman  Carpets
Simple and elegant combination of fonts and colours.
Mid Valley ATV Club
It had to represent fun, the Valley, family, different "toys" and a sunset... all in one logo!
DH Business Services Inc
Dan described his business: It's like playing chess: need to be 5 steps ahead and be able to make unpredictable moves.
Request was a logo that looked like the Annapolis County logo but then different....
Bob's Fencing
Inspiration for the design came from Harry Wenzel's passion for accuracy, and just the rhythm, that I as a graphic designer, can appreciate.
It had to be a diagonal and easy to read. Those were the client's wishes.
So this strong and dynamic logo was created back in 2011.
Rick Roods Transmission logo
Hot road. Logo design for Rick Roods Transmission Waterville | Nova Scotia.
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